Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh, ok I kind of wanted to wait until I was done with my job application before I post again but hey , here I am and have even uploaded a picture taken from our balkony on a moody Paris day.

I should really get myself to send cv-s again. After I got the phone calls for my interviews on monday I kind of stopped and I feel so bad about it, its just that 2 months of looking for jobs really eats at my energy.

Other than that I really must make a decision about the wedding, we had a wedding planning/ catering company , but since they seem to have no idea bout food and we and most of our friends are serious foodies , it must be perfect. So i suppose they're out of the run, but that leaves me to find a wedding organizer in the country of our wedding ,while being in Paris. Plus I must call the woman at the venue to make sure its still free on our date.

But I also got good news today, an old college friend of mine might move to London in October Im very excited cos he's an awesome lovely lovely guy, and I'd love him to be so close , just shouldnt seem to excited in front of DF . If one day they meet i dont want him to be unfriendly especially since he already knows that I had a crush on this guy at some point . (He had a girlfriend we became just frinds and thats that)

I am also still thinking about the possibility of moving to London , since Paris seems to be steeped in the, have an internship instead of a job wave, it might be a good idea. I never really planned on staying here after Uni it just happened that way , DF always wanted to live in Paris his whole life, and i found a job here quite quickly . But ultimately I think London might be the better option career wise, especially since my French is still far from perfection and since the communications industry there is far more evolved. The only thing is, I really dont feel like having to deal with moving there AND planning a wedding at the same time.
Oh well thats the dilemma , but hey as long as there is no real job offers its not really a dilemma, is it.
Sorry long post today .

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