Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am Happy , oh so happy

I really dont know why , but I woke up in a really really good mood today , well one of the reasons is that I had such a lovely evening yesterday. First I met with some friends at juveniles a lovely wine resto owned by friends of my DF , and it was lots of fun one of my friends who works for a cosmetics company brought us all these goodies lipsticks and gloss and mascara , so me being a complete cosmetics junkie i was soo happy.The food as always was amazing as was the wine. Then my other friend told me about a job opening in her company where I could apply, and I also met these lovely friends of theirs ;

We then went to the caveau de montpensier a bar where we often go and my DF for once could join us because he finished early at work , and when some of our friends left, another few arrived it was this magically nice nights where you see people you really like , and meet new ones that are just super nice and all without planning.

All in all I have been such a recluse lately that it really gave me a boost. And I'm meeting one of my girlfriends for bubble tea tonite , another exciting thing to look forward to.

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