Saturday, January 17, 2009

I guess its a bit boring to complain about January , but honestly , is there a less inspiring month???

Am working two full weeks plus saturdays in a row which is sucking away my energy especially paired with the diet, and having some issues getting papers for our city hall wedding in France all together. One would think that the European Union being the EUROPEAN UNION we would not need special documents as an EU citizen to get married in France , but of course the French bein French and German buroucracy being what it is, which is quite frankly a pain in the ass, I've got one more thing to worry about.

If anyone out there has thought about getting married in France (I mean the official marie/city hall mariage) let me just tell you certificat de coutume, and certificat de celibat, oh well in good old Hungarian fashion I still think everything will work itself out in the end.

The good news is when I went dress shopping for the town hall wedding this week things FIT me, I was quite proud of my dieting efforts. Even if I didn't find anything , though we did buy DF's tux.
Its very lovely and made from the same fabric that E. Zegna uses (apparently from the same roll, whatever that means) but we bought itin this small shop and for half the price of a Zegna suit. Its called Arthur & Fox and had a women's section too, completely nodescript store but apparently where all the ladies'n gents from the 16th buy their suits and cashmere coats. Lovely shop.
Another Paris tip is la maison du whisky which is on rue d'anjou in the 8th and pretty much a whisky lovers paradise. Speaking of whisky and tuxes our shop assistant let us in on Cary Grants secret for his shiny / almost laquered shoes apparently he rubbed his shoes with a slightly wet cottonball.So thats my gift to you , for today: shiny shoes! ;-)

of course my real old movie star crush is Bogie but in those pictures i must say Grant looks pretty damn well. ( images from

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