Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn cake

The last few weeks between guests and work and brunches with friends dinners etc have just passed in a rush.Finally this weekend was a long and free one .I had a longed for silent alone morning then me and hubby did an afternoon / nite of new things ( read in the NYTimes that doing new things's what keeps couples happy&together) And today was that kind of relaxed housekeeping day that can be a nightmare when busy but lovely when nothing else is there to interrupt the flow of gym, shopping, quick clean of house , baking a cake , then an episode of mad men some magazine flicking and reading... having a piece of cake a cup of tea , and feeling sane again. Ah I'm in love with the sweet potato pound cake i've just made with a receipe from orangette perfect fall/ winter cake with its warm spiciness and a dollop of crème fraiche , and the golden plums i found today are not bad either .

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