Saturday, December 20, 2008

Musings on the dress..

I'm very excited about going home in February, not just cause it means two blissfull weeks without work, and also I get to meet with our priest, florist, cake baker, hear our band etc , but finally I get to do fittings for my dress. Its honestly the only bit about our wedding that makes me very nervous.

Its funny to think back 2 years ago I was absolutely sure that if I was going to get married some day it would be in something fashioned after the Peter Soronen dress Sarah Jessica Parker wears.A knee lenght tea-dress with a little birgcage veil.The idea of the veil lasted but then DF mde a point when he said that its the ONLY time in my life I will have the opportunity to go full out and wear a long white gown.Then the wedding grew from my idea of intimate 20 guests to 40 to 100. And I found the perfect long dress.( The fact that I don't have the most amazing legs might have had something to do with it too) Well a picture of it...And I thought its such a great idea to have it copied by a Budapest dressmaker. Of course now I'm left waking up at night with nightmares of the dress being half finished and dressmakers sewing it on my down the aisle. Literally I had that nightmare three times. And I guess if I wouldn't have such a horror of trying wedding dresses on it would have been better to just buy one and be done with it.
Except the deposit is payed and the fabric ordered. I guess in the end of the day I like to see ho the dress is gradually built on me and not a finished thing i throw on. Its more of a process to become a finished bride, and well except for the nightmares I do enjoy it.

PS. We bought the turkey , lugged a christmas tree down from Jourdain and even bought a couronne (reef). The house is full of candles and once I find a gift for DF we're set to entertain my mom and stapdad + dog for Christmas!(They are coming over from Germany on Tuesday) DF is a bit daunted by it I think , he likes them well, but I'm not sure he expected to have my family for Christmas before we even get married, but at least we are together and as he's off on the 24th so we might even get a great feast (My poor family would be lost if they had to rely on me for food)Oh and my mom is bringing the battery for my canon so I will finally be able to post pictures here!

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