Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Month!

Find it quite shocking that its August already and a bit nostalgic for a very fleeting Summer, but I get to go on holiday next week go have a week in Budapest with friends, family, mommy, animals garden, home. AND get to celebrate my Birthday with them for the first time in two years. Looking forward to that.

As for London it was fantastic a whirlwind of family time with the in-laws , amazing foodie experiences at Alain Ducasse, changeable weather , museums, Hummingbird cupcakes, parks, high tea at Claridge’s ( so worth it we had seconds of almost everything and stretched it out over an hour and half) and barbecuing with buddies in their back garden. Had an awesome 5 days and paced up on loads of ginger fudge from Morrison’s and my favorite fruit and ginger teas from Twinning’s that I can't get here except for overpriced WHSmith mini shop.

Since shopping at Anthropologie didn’t turn out successful, ( found nothing to fall in love with ) hubby in a moment of weakness let me order a lovely pale yellow handbag from Kate Spade , that my friend D. will bring back from the states end of this month as a lil gift to myself for my Birthday ...

some London pics

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